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We sell babies as well as adults
and occasionally Breeding Stock.
Rabbit hutches and cages available.
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About Us

Dandelion Rabbit Stud specialises in breeding purebred Dwarf Lops, Mini-Lops and Netherland Dwarfs rabbits for show and/or pets.

Dandelion Rabbit Stud, Tahmoor  NSW AustraliaWe pride our ourselves on breeding the highest quality rabbits possible, and all bunnies sold have a full health guarantee.

We offer our customers a range of services including:

Helping you choose the right breed for you
Advice and free information booklet on health, training, care, etc.
Advice on the best housing methods to suit your situation
We also sell hutches (we have tested a number of designs and keep the style that we most highly recommend as being the best quality and best value for money). Also fresh bedding is supplied with hutches for no extra cost.
We can arrange delivery of hutches and rabbits, and all other products needed to set your new bunny up at home. (Delivery fee applicable)
7 day a week phone support
All bunnies go home with plenty of food for no extra cost
Advice on showing your bunny
Supply of pedigree certificate if needed ($10 fee + $2.95 postage)
Email photos of whole litters or of individual rabbits
We are also experienced in flying rabbits interstate



Choosing The Right Rabbit For You

Things to consider ...
Is the bunny for a child, if so, what age?
( under 7, under 12, young teenager, adult)
What experience you may have caring for rabbits?
What you are looking for in a rabbit?
Where the bunny will be kept?
How much time will be spent with the bunny?
What expectations you have of your bunny?
Do you wish to show your rabbit?
Do you wish to breed your rabbit?

We can advise you on the different breeds available and what breed may best you and/or your family.

As all breeds of rabbits differ alittle in their care and training needs, and suitability to different environments and circumstances.

For example more intelligent breeds such as Netherland Dwarfs require alot more attention, training, and playtime for stimulation.

There are a number of factors that can be looked at to ensure that the decision you make will be a worthwhile and rewarding one.


Feel free to contact us and we can discuss this in more detail and answer all of your questions.



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